Understanding the admin interface

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How to use the menus on the admin interface.

Available menus

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District Engage admin interface

The District Engage admin interface is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. There are two menus where you’ll find all the tools you need for your next project:

  • User menu - your personal profile information

  • Left-hand menu - manage and view projects, teams or users and settings. Clicking different items will expand the left-hand menu to display a relevant sub-menu for each item.

Note: Only users with accurate permissions can access the configuration interface and edit content. Contact your District Engage administrator for more information.

On this page we’ll explore the different functions in each menu.


User menu

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User menu


Menu item Description
My profile View your personal profile details.
Manage profile Update your account details, password, categories of interest, enable two-factor authorisation.
Logout Log out of District Engage.


Left-hand menu

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Left-hand menu


Menu item Description Icon
Dashboard A visual representation of data that provides an overview of key performance indicators, metrics, and other relevant information for your engagement site. Dashboard icon.png
Content An overview of the content and engagement tools on your site, including Pages, Documents, Updates, Events, Surveys and Timelines. Content icon.png
Projects An overview of projects you have access to, and where you can create new projects. Project icon.png
People An overview of all users, including participants and internal users, and see their role and contact details. You can add new users here. People icon.png
Settings Manage settings for your website. This menu is restricted to users with appropriate permissions. Settings icon.png
Dark/light theme Switch between dark and light theme in your admin interface.

Note: This setting exclusively applies to the admin interface of your website and does not affect public users
Dark _ light theme.png


Project sub-menu

When you click on a specific project, the sub-menu will display available actions or tools for that project. This sub-menu will be different for each project.

This example is for a "Demonstration community project":

image (4).jpeg


Menu item Description
Report View your reporting dashboard, preview, or edit.
Content The available content tools for your project. Click on a tool for more details.
Participation The available participation tools for your project. Click on a tool for more details.


Recent and Recent projects

The Recent and Recent projects sub-menus give you quick access to pages or project pages you have recently viewed.

The Recent sub-menu displays when the Dashboard menu is clicked, and it contains quick links to recently visited pages.

image (5).jpeg

Recent is a sub-menu of the Dashboard menu


The Recent projects sub-menu displays when the Projects menu is clicked, and it contains quick links to recently viewed projects.

image (6).jpeg

Recent projects is a sub-menu of the Projects menu

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