How to use the WYSIWYG editor

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A What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor is a publishing tool that lets you view your text changes as you make them. You can see bold or italicised text, headings and tables as they will look when published.

District Engage’s editor allows for a range of rich text editing options for creating your landing page content.

image (5).pngThe WYSIWYG editor

The editor

The WYSIWYG editor is used whenever there is an opportunity to input free text. You’ll see text editing options, such as headings, making text bold, adding a list, a hyperlink, or an image. Basic editing functions will be displayed in a toolbar at the top of the input box. Extended functions will be displayed by clicking on the + icon on the toolbar.

Editor functions

Name Purpose Example
Headings Add headings tags to the headings of your content.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Bold Makes text thicker and more prominent. Bold text example
Italic Makes text thinner and slanted at an angle, to indicate emphasis. Italic text example
Strikethrough Puts a line through the middle of text to indicate the word is crossed out. Strikethrough text example
Code Formats text so it looks like computer code input. Code text example
List Creates a bulleted list, a numbered list, or a task list.
  • Bulleted list example
  1. Numbered list example
Task list example
Align text Aligns the text to the left or right edges of the margins.  
Hyperlink Link selected copy to any URL address on the Internet, including within your Engage site. Hyperlink example
Image Adds an image inline with your text. Images may not be formatted correctly by default when added here.  


Extended functions    
Table Adds a table to your text. You can set the number of rows and columns. table.jpeg
Accordion Creates a collapsible set of sections to hide or display your content with a dropdown arrow. spaces_Iu4NCiWggyjfNm0hbO54_uploads_3dkDbTSWlkVgbu2bb7Yx_5720572840.png
oEmbed Embed content from sources such as Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Spotify and many more. spaces_Iu4NCiWggyjfNm0hbO54_uploads_VNDGUGKAgIBVWfPbIGta_image.jpeg
Quote Insert a block quote with a citation of the quote author. image (6).png
Callout Box Insert a callout box for highlighting content. image (7).png
Code block Insert a multi-line code block. image (8).png
Divider Add a horizontal divider line. image (9).png


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